Are You Looking for ways to continue doing your life business remotely?

ExpertApp gives you the ability to conduct business from the comfort of your own home. 



In these trying times, American National wants you to know that we will continue to do whatever we can to support you and in so doing, make it easier to do business.  With our ExpertApp, you don’t even need to physically meet with your client to take the application.  On the USA Patriot Act Form (#4439), you simply indicate that you did not see the client; that is acceptable.  Do your life business totally electronic with ANICO and experience no disruptions. 


Life Application:  ExpertApp



We even extend this to paper applications, which can then be ExpertScanned (uploaded) directly to ANICO’s Life or Annuity New Business Dept.


Paper Applications:  Life or Annuity

Basically, All the same applies.  The disclaimer on the paper application seems more stern.  As long as an acceptable form of identification is provided, we do not require the agent to have verified the information.

We will take the business.  If the identity of the client cannot be verified, we have the right to ask for verification or cancel the application.






If you are doing paper forms, as is the case with annuity business, we accept all paper correspondence signed with DocuSign. This includes applications, NIA's and pending business requirements. 



Current Rates
March 16 - 31



Be well, stay safe and THANKS for your business & ongoing commitment to American National. 



Jeff Moore, CEBS, CLU, ChFC

National Sales Manager – National Accounts, Independent Marketing Group

1-800-459-0542 (Office) / 1-503-545-6324 (Cell)




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