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We are here to make things simpler for you.




With the latest COVID-19 social distancing recommendations, we have several processes and resources in place to help support your business needs.

New business

·         In place of a wet signature, we will accept electronic signatures on all new business paperwork signed through DocuSign or other approved vendors. Note for transfers/exchanges, you should confirm the current carrier will also allow electronic signatures. 

·         In addition to electronic submission, we are accepting applications by fax and email. You may email them to or fax them to 877-731-3920. 

·         You may submit pictures of applications, as long as they are clear. Unclear pictures may result in processing delays. 

·         During this time, we will take Not In Good Order (NIGO) corrections over the phone on a recorded line. Note some corrections may require confirmation from the client on a recorded line. All corrections will be documented in the policy notes on our secured website.

Existing contract owners

·         We will accept electronic signatures on all policy servicing forms. This includes forms to request a loan, withdrawal, allocation changes and more. 

·         Please remember, clients can change fixed-indexed annuity allocations and request withdrawals of up to $25,000 over the phone or online. This functionality is available for most non-qualified and IRA contracts.  

  • Please note, employer plans must continue to follow their plan administrator's requirements. 

Technology to manage your business 

·         Track and manage your business 24/7 through our secured website.

·         Find real-time updates for new business and visit My Inbox to find commission statements, NIGO notifications, FIA renewals and more.  

·         Use our advanced digital integration capabilities to further streamline your business. 

Here for you

Rest assured you can continue to reach our Sales and Operations teams during normal business hours.

We are following CDC guidelines and encouraging employees to follow our work-from-home procedures. These procedures have been well-established over the years to ensure you continue receiving the same level of support in any environment. 

Please contact your Great American Sales Team with any questions or if there's anything more we can do to ease your business needs during this unprecedented time. 

Thank you for choosing Great American. 







It pays to keep things simple.®

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